Why energy efficiency should be the first fuel – EE 101 in 176 words

EE 101: Energy efficiency (well done) is fantastic financially, excellent environmentally, and stupendous socially! If you are purchasing energy, consider energy efficiency as the first fuel that you use.

Fantastic financially

Why invest in building more more power stations when you get a better return with energy efficiency? This is especially the case with new buildings. Every dollar invested in energy efficiency through the process of conceiving, designing, constructing and commissioning a new building will yield about $15 in lifetime energy savings. That’s a fantastic 1500% ROI!

Excellent environmentally

Using less energy through energy efficiency means less greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Considered as a fuel source, energy efficiency produces zero ongoing carbon emissions. An excellent reason to use energy efficiency as your first fuel.

Stupendous socially

Compare a large fossil fuel electricity plant. These plants are very well engineered – and accordingly don’t need much human intervention. They are lousy at job creating. On the other hand energy efficiency is dispersed, and creates jobs, lots of them. Jobs in both manufacturing and installation. Stupendous!

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