Around the world, over 1000[i] carbon policy measures to reduce carbon emissions have been implemented, with varying degrees of effectiveness.

With the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide now around 400 parts per million (ppm) and rising at close to 3 ppm per annum understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of carbon abatement policy is ever more critical, particularly in a world with considerable economic uncertainty.

carbonpolicy.org has been set up to encourage open discussion on carbon policy and how it can be improved. It has a particular focus on policies that reduce the use of fossil fuels, whether through energy efficiency or the use of renewable energy.

carbonpolicy.org lists and discusses the advantages, disadvantages and interesting aspects of a range of carbon abatement policies.

Contributions are welcome.

[i] Australian Government Productivity Commission, Carbon Emission Policies in Key Economies Productivity Commission Research Report, 2011, xiv.